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Herreid Rubble Site

Herreid Rubble Site Hours & Rules

Wed. & Fri. 5pm-7pm & Sat 2pm-4pm

The site is to be used ONLY by residents living within the Herreid city limits!

Please comply with the rules and regulations, and if you see any unauthorized dumping, please report it to City Hall.

Abuse of the site may result in further restrictions or closing of the site.


Acceptable Items:

Construction & Demolition Debris: concrete, asphaltic concrete, brick, stonework, concrete block, asphalt or fiberglass shingles, painted or stained wood, attached insulation and similar wastes.

Trees & Burnables: scrap lumber, untreated wood, trees and tree branches.

White Goods – Materials: refrigerators (no Freon), washers, dryers, freezers, stoves, water heaters & other recyclable scrap metals. (Excludes: petroleum fuel tanks)

Yard Waste: leaves, grass clippings & similar vegetation.


Prohibited Items:

Waste oil, batteries, tires, treated wood, household garbage, paint, cardboard, plastic (including garbage bags!), Styrofoam, packaging materials, foam rubber & other similar items.

** Solid waste may be taken to the Walworth County Landfill

** Please read signs and put materials in the proper area!

Thank you for your cooperation.